The project aims at improving silver workers’ knowledge, skills, competences and working tools to make them able to give birth to a new business, putting into practice their creativity, their ideas and their hobbies.
In particular, the project consists of three main phases with specific outputs for each of them:

  1. a preliminary phase of study and surveys to develop policy recommendations and provide the basis for the correspondence of project esults to the real needs of the target group;
  2. a second phase of development of a training system and a platform for elearning, with a modular approach, which will make “silver-workers” able to develop skills and competences for coping with their job loss;
  3. a final phase for the development of entrepreneurial and enterprising skills and competences in order to set-up start-up companies thanks to the coaching, mentoring and training about entrepreneurship, as well as by exercising on real cases.


Here are some of our project documents and outputs:


I.O. 1 – Policy Recommendation

The first intellectual output of Silver Workers project consists in a document of Policy Recommendation, emerging from:
  • the analysis of questionnaires administered to a sample of 385 Silver Workers in partner countries
  • the socio-occupational and demographic snapshot pictured in National Reports, drafted by project partners through a desk research

Here you can read or download:


The second intellectual output of Silver Workers project consists in a training pathway for Silver Workers consisting in:
  • an e-learning section with resources for self and autonomous training of silver workes involved in the project
  • a transnational experimentation of project training pathway in a blended modality

The training course will be soon available in the section “TRAINING COURSE


The third intellectual output of Silver Workers project will be the “Platform of Opportunities” for Silver Workers consisting in:
  • concrete tools, which will enable them to emerge and build their own path in the labour market.
  • a Networking Area which will allow the silver workers “to get in touch with a pool of over 12,000 entrepreneurs (of which 20% are coming from 170 foreign countries), of which 65% are business owner

The platform of opportunities will be soon available in the  reserved area in the section “TRAINING COURSE